Licensed Surveyor's Map of a Portion of Hotel Del Monte Grounds. W. T. Moore.

Licensed Surveyor's Map of a Portion of Hotel Del Monte Grounds

Del Monte, CA: Del Monte Properties Company, June 1927. 8 1/2 x 12 1/2". 4 sheets, single-sided. Sheet 1 gives an overview of the area beginning with the Monterey Depot Grounds on the left side to east side of the property and from the Monterey Bay to the north and the upper portions of the Hotel Del Monte Grounds; Sheets 2-4 provide more detailed views of this area. The coordinates as shown on this map agree with those as shown on the 'Licensed Surveyor's Map of El Pescadero and Point Pines Ranchos' filed at page 3 Volume 3 of Surveys, Monterey County Records. Fine condition. Item #18610

The Hotel Del Monte, now home to the Naval Postgraduate School, was one of the world's leading resorts in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It was also the starting and finishing point for the original 17-Mile Drive.The Hotel was the catalyst for Monterey's modern-day tourism industry and a trendsetter in the development of sports and recreation. At its zenith, Hotel Del Monte encompassed 20,000-acres spread across the Monterey Peninsula. Guests included American presidents; world leaders; industrialists and business executives; famous artists, poets, musicians, dancers, comedians, film stars and other notables.

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